A New Sound

There are moments when declarations must be made. Moments when a quiet fight, a laid-back, passive attitude just won’t do. When we look around at the world today, at a generation who is groaning in desperation for the power and Love of God to be manifest, it’s time for us to make a stand.
In Rivers is the release of a sound of victory. It’s melodies to declare over the places of pain and hardship you may be facing. It’s worded to sing over yourself, speaking life back into despair. It’s anthems we can unite to proclaim, as His Church rises once again, stronger than we’ve ever been.
If you have felt hopeless or powerless, you’re not alone. The heart of Jesus is for you and is waiting to take your hand and lead you right to victory.
As we join together is this stand, pray this simple prayer with us; “Jesus, even in the face of all the obstacles around me, you are present and ready to save. I open up my heart to You in a new way. Invade every part of my life. As I declare these songs of power, I know, my breakthrough is right there. I thank you in advance for this freedom. In Jesus Name, Amen.”